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By ScottyMo

We at are excited to announce the acquisition of the domain. This initiative is part of our broader commitment to environmental conservation, ensuring the vital work started by the previous domain holders continues.

Supporting Environmental Efforts

The Carlls River Environmental Group (CREG) was dedicated to preserving and enhancing the Carlls River watershed. As the fourth largest river system on Long Island, the Carlls River is a vital natural resource, enriching the lives of community members through various outdoor activities.

Continuing the Legacy

CREG focused on educating young people about the natural environment, supported by more than 30 schools in the watershed. Their efforts included biodiversity surveys, creating guides to the natural resources, and examining the river’s health. By acquiring the domain, we aim to continue this legacy of environmental stewardship.

The domain had not been live since 2022. For the most current information on local environmental initiatives, please contact the organization directly or visit the NYSDEC Atlantic Ocean/Long Island Sound Watershed page.

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