Find the Best Long Island Bulkhead & Dock Builder

Hiring a Dock Builder or bulkhead builder is no easy or quick process. You always want to use someone who comes recommend and is willing to first obtain the proper paper work.

What do you need to do before you hire a Long Island Bulkhead Builder?

Prior to any bulkhead construction or deconstruction, you, as the home owner, are required to obtain all required permits for the project.  Depending on the dock builder, many will not be willing to give you a quote without first having all the necessary permits, which if you look at it from their perceptive is very understandable.

Marine construction permits take at least a few weeks and likely months to obtain.  Dock builders ARE NOT typically familiar with the procedures of getting the proper paperwork and permits. Replacing  or repairing Bulkheads is not an simple process as it can possibly harm the surrounding environment and violating local laws.

To obtain these types of documents, you will need someone who is an Engineer or works very closely with an Architect.

What permits will you need?

All DEC Permits (Department of Environmental Conservation)

This agency is arguably one of the most important permits you will need.  Out of all the local agencies, they have the strictest requirements and the best understanding of what is right and wrong.  All of their regulations truly protect the environment and are often put into place with good reason.Long Island Bulkhead Builder

This agency has their act together and typically will return dock permits within few weeks, at most a month or two, depending on the complexity of the project.

The Army Corps of Engineers

This is another large government organization you may need to deal with as it shares tidal wetlands jurisdictions with the DEC. Given their size and limited staffing, they take the longest to issue permits. It is hard to estimate how long the turnaround time of this agency, at best; your permits will be approved within a month or two.

Your local town

Finally you will need your local town, city, or village to approve your marine construction plans. Each town is different, making it impossible to give a time estimate.   Some are fast, while others are not as quick. Some have high fees, while others are very affordable.


When you need permits for bulkhead repair Long Island?

When ever you conduct any type of marine construction, including repairs, you will need to obtain the proper permits listed above.  Being that the permit process is very similar for both repair and construction, from a financial perceptive, you may be better off replacing the bulkhead. In some situations, it is possible to apply for an emergency permit. Just keep in mind emergency permits are limited, for example you will not allow to dreg.

Will Long Island Dock Builders be able to help me get the required permits?

Most likely no, but it depends on the company. Their are some great dock and bulkhead builders out there, but most company’s DO NOT have an on staff engineer, which is required for all permits. In fact, many of these company’s rely on us to obtain the paper plans and paperwork for this projects.  If you deal with the dock builders directly, most likely they will recommend us or use us for the expediting process.

Want someone to help you get permits?

Contact us! We specialize in getting any types of marine construction permits and ONLY  Marine construction permits