Dock & Bulkhead Permits

To construct or reconstruct a dock and/or a bulkhead in the State of New York, you are REQUIRED to obtain a number of different permits.   This will remove any risks of being fined by the Department of Environmental Conservation and your local municipality.   If you plan on selling your home, your future home buyer will want everything on your property to be LEGAL.

dock permit

By not obtaining the proper permits, you are risking a hefty fines of $3,000 or more.

How long will it take to get a Bulkhead permit?(including dock & Pier permits)

Any time from 2 weeks to 6 months.  The length of the application process depends largely on your local municipality and WHO is reviewing the permit.

What permits will you need?

Department of Environmental Conservation Permits

You will need a handful of permits from the NYS DEC.  They regulate the most important documentation for you to finalize and obtain your permits. They also issue the largest fines (upwards of $3,000) and has a full police force that DEC will not hesitate to utilize if necessary.

If you encounter a dock builder who is willing to forgo obtaining a permit from this agency, you should take into account you are dealing with an individual who is willing to risk jail time and extremely steep fines.

It is also worth mentioning, if you completely ignore DEC regulations, they reserve the right to force you to remove any previous unauthorized construction at your own expense. In other words, if you build a dock or bulkhead without their permits, they can ask you to remove it.

Always get a permit from this agency.

Your local town or municipality Permits

After the DEC, your local municipality will also require a permit. Their requirements often different from the DEC, make sure your permit expediter or engineer is aware the permit requirements for both agencies.   Some towns are easier to deal with than others. Some are willing to rush your application, while others will not.

Always get a permit from your local municipality.  

 Army Corps of Engineers Permits

You may require a permit from the Army Corps since it also has jurisdiction over tidal wetlands.  They are a very large agency and as a result is one of the slowest agencies you may have to deal with.   It depends on the requirements of your local municipality, in order to apply for your local town permit, many require you to first obtain this permit, while others do not.

Check with your local town before applying.

Will you need any other permits?

Most likely yes. It largely depends on current local regulations.

Need help getting a permit?

Feel free to call or contact us.