Bulkhead Repair Long Island Permits

Permits are required in Long Island for any type of repair to a seawall or bulkhead that alters tidal wetlands or their adjacent areas..   Failure to obtain permits will result in fines ($3,000+) and home owners may be forced to remove any type of unauthorized construction.   The agencies that regulate tidal wetlands properties on Long Island take any environmental or town issues very seriously.

What you need to know about Bulkhead Permits

BEFORE you begin any type of construction make sure to consult with us or another permit expeditor  that strongly understands bulkhead repair long islandtidal wetland issues.

Consultations with us are free of cost and can save you a lot of headache and expense. 

What type of permits will you need?

Each municipality in Long Island, NY has its own set of regulations in regards to any tidal wetlands activities. Generally speaking you will need the following permits:

Department of Environmental Conservation

The DEC permit is perhaps the most important permit you need to obtain.    They closely regulate all environmental issues in Long Island, especially tidal wetlands properties. Most, if not all, waterfront homes in this island are built on tidal wetlands.   Depending on when and where your bulkhead was built, you should expect to run into some kind of environmental issue during construction or reconstruction of your bulkhead.

If you fail to obtain a permit from DEC before replacing or repairing your bulkhead, you can expect risking VERY hefty fines and possibly being forced to remove any types of unauthorized construction.

Your local municipality

Depending on where your property is located, you will have to deal with your local town, village or cities permit regulations.  Each municipality is different and has different requirements. We will inform you if any additional paperworks are required to obtain required permits from your local municipality.

All other required permits

As vague as this statement may sound, you will most likely need a handful of additional permits.  All government agencies are constantly changing their requirements and each municipality is different. Each area of Long Island is different and has their own requirements.


Is it possible to get permits fast or rush your application?

When you are dealing with a number of different government agencies the word “speed” should not come into mind.  Frankly, it depends on what types of permits your municipality requires and who you is handling your permit.    For us, we will inform you right away if it is possible or not.

Is there anything else you need to know before hiring a dock builder?

If you haven’t picked someone out already, if you would like we can recommend a Long Island dock builder after making a site visit to your property.   Typically we suggest the best person based on your construction needs.


If you want to raise the bulkhead, will you still require permits?

Yes. Any type of repairs, replacement, or extension require a permit.

Where can you go for your permit needs?

You are more than welcome to contact us for all your dock and bulkhead permit questions.